The scout troop has five patrols: Seals, Kingfishers, Seagulls, Penguins, Swifts.

Weekly meeting

Our weekly Friday meeting at the Scout Hall in Mellville Road, Plumstead, takes place from 7pm to 9.30pm. We have games, training, challenges, and many other exciting activities. Sometimes we meet at the Sea Scout Base for night sailing or wide games.

Camps and hikes

A troop camp lasting for 3-5 days is held some time during the year, and other shorter camps and patrol camps take place throughout the year. Although we are Sea Scouts we also go hiking and our scouts usually take part in at least one troop hike and a number of patrol hikes during the year. We often make use of the Scout huts on Table Mountain and Signal Hill for overnight stops.

Sea Scout Activities

2nd Plumstead has it's own boat shed and bunk house at the Sea Scout base at Zandvlei, where our two Saldanha sailing boats (numbers 17 and 5) are kept. 2nd Plumstead scouts get to know the Base very well, especially as they work on their Sea Scout advancement levels, doing badge courses such as Watermanship, Sailing, Boatman, Helmsman and others.


We take part in most of the area and district competitions, including Sea Scout regattas every quarter, the district Withinshaw and Crosswell competitions and the major Area competitions Rayner, Upton and Gordon Shield.

Kon Tiki

Every year during April the focus is on the Kon Tiki raft building competition, when, after weeks of prepration and training, a big team of Scouts, parents and supporters go out on a Friday afternoon with a large truck load of materials to the Sea Scout base at Zandvlei. We build the raft until late at night, and get up at sunrise to finish the construction in time to launch at lunch time on Saturday. 6 selected scouts stay on the raft for 24 hours until Sunday lunch to take part in a competition with about 30 other rafts.

Community Service

Our troop assists annually in the Community Chest carnival and motorcycle Toy Run at Maynardville. Every year a number of community projects are completed by groups of scouts as part of their Explorer and Springbok advancement requirements. In recent years we have done painting projects at the Haven Night Shelter, alien vegetation clearing and wetland conservation work, and beach cleanups.


During all these activities, apart from having a lot of fun, we also have an advancement programme for learning lots of practical skills, earning badges along the way, and progressively taking on greater leadership responsibilities as the Scouts get older. The advancement programmes also provide extra opportunities for hiking and camping activities.